Day Trading Freedom - How To Day Trade Stocks & Forex For Profit
"Finally! A book that's truly about how to trade!"

- Mark Bray

"I've worked in the world of training for almost 20 years and I have to say I have found your training manual to be one of the most comprehensive and straight forward that I have ever read."

- David Mac

"I use the information every single day and, wow, it does work."

- James Demetrios

"I paid over $5,000 for seven days of school for day trading. It does not even come close to what you are teaching."

- Donnell Smith

"...after several months of practicing your day trading principles outlined in your book, I ended my first day of live trading with a net profit of $279.53"

- Peter Scott

"..simply superb. Excellent material"

- Jeffrey Powell

"I've now made about 350% in 4 months"

- Michael Snoswell

"You are an amazing trader and a very gifted teacher."

- Micah Brunson

"It was a great day! I made a $1,175.50 profit."

- Salvador Alba

"... easily the best course on the market."

- John Coan

"I can’t believe the amount of quality information you’ve provided for such a small cost."

- Michael Furlan

Ready to start making some money?

Proven Profitable System
Proven Profitable System At the heart of the book is a highly profitable trading system. It's used by professional traders, and has been proven to make money in all market conditions.
Easy To Follow
Easy To Follow And easy to learn. Harvey Walsh has a reputation for teaching trading in a way that's fun and accessible. You don't need to be a math graduate to understand this book.
Complete Course
Complete Course Based on the best selling Day Trading Freedom course, the book packs in everything you need to know to get started trading, even if you've no prior experience or knowledge of the markets.
Exercises Test your progress with exercises as you go along. Each one includes fully explained answers, so you'll know when you're ready to put down the book and begin trading for real.
Fat Free
Fat Free Everything you need, and nothing more. Your time is valuable, so there's no filler and no fluff, just good solid trading information to prepare you to become profitable as quickly as possible.
Best Seller
Best Seller Consistently one of the best selling trading books on Amazon, and critically acclaimed. Thousands of traders have learnt from this book, and the course it is based on.

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