A Few Simple Trades

I know, it’s been ages since I posted a video. Whenever that happens, like clockwork, I start to get emails asking stuff like “Does your strategy still work?”, “Can you still make money given the recession?”, you get the idea…

The answer is always “Yes”, it still works. It works, because my strategy is not to jump onto some fad or some temporary arbitrage opportunity. No, my strategy is to understand what the price is telling you, to read it, and to trade it. Price is a constant, the one true signal. When you can understand its message, you can make money in any market conditions.

Here’s a video with a few simple trades which I hope will illustrate that even in these difficult economic times, the market continues to offer plenty of profit potential.

2 thoughts on “A Few Simple Trades

  1. Robert


    It is dead simple…as long as you have signals. But its ALL about signals and knowing which way market will go :)

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