A River of Money

A River of Money

So it’s about that time of year where people start asking me the same questions over and over….“Does your strategy still work?”“Are there any trades to be had in these markets?”… and so on. So here’s a video response, with a few recent trades to show the kind of huge opportunity there is in the market every day.

BTW: I’m trying out a new way of embedding these videos. They’re HTML5 with Flash fallback (so my techie guy says!), which apparently means they should work on iPads as well as regular browsers. I love my iPad, so this is a Good Thing!

4 thoughts on “A River of Money

  1. Richard

    Hi Harvey,
    I like your style of trading, very easy to follow trading course simple and effective.
    All the best.

  2. Keith Bryant

    Hi Harvey,
    I’m a “brit” day trading predominately US ETF’s.
    I had to change computers and have unfortunately lost your original entry and exit strategy for day-trading. Would you please send them to me again – or the links – I think I need a refresher. I enjoy your video’s and great to hear a UK accent on the topic of trading.

  3. Tarek

    I would like to know how do you pick you stocks for day trading ? secondly how do you pick your entry and exit points ?

    Also why do n’t you have a trading room for other traders with your alert signals in it ?

    Thank you

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