Here are two problems I see faced by many traders and would-be traders: not taking action (procrastination) and taking too much action (over trading). This video delves into the causes of both, as well as discussing solutions.
Plus, a few recent trades…

10 thoughts on “Action!

  1. CA"Butch" Hillman

    Good Morning:

    Very interesting and as a buyer of numerous books and trading software; here I am buying yet annother


  2. david

    hi, just want to purchase your book, but i do not have kindle. do you have for ipad? many many thanks

  3. Mark

    Hi Harvey,

    I’ve been a Trader for over 6 years, but I still always listen to your videos. Some really Great information. Thanks very much for taking the time to produce them. Take crae, Mark UK.

  4. Harvey Post author

    You can download the excellent Kindle reader application for your iPad, from Amazon, and then read it on that. I use Kindle Reader on my iPad daily, and love it.
    Alternatively, the book will be available in Apples iBooks store any day now…

  5. rawt

    Hi Harvey,

    i love your videos. i have ur book on kindle and love it. You should consider posting one again, its been a while….

  6. Ed

    Your website is excellent. I would like to purchase a copy of your book, but I do not have Kindle. Is the book available in other formats (pdf, txt etc)?

  7. Geoffrey McClelland

    I am new at trading and looking for some advice please. what platform would you suggest to use as i am in Australia and where can i get your videos on paper trading please? Thank you Thank you



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