Brain Hacking

I’m remarkably privileged to have access to a huge number of traders of all levels of experience and profitability through contact with readers of my books, plus students of my previous trading course and mentoring program. Working with such a large cross-section of the trading community was invaluable when it came to developing techniques to subvert the emotions, cognitive biases, and learned behaviours that prevent traders from reaching their true profit potential.

The result of all of this research, testing, and refinement, is a set of tools that I call brain hacks.

Just like a computer hacker gains access to a system and uses it to do his bidding, so my hacks allow us to gain access to our powerful built-in brain functions — deep rooted stuff like fear and greed — and subvert them so that they work for us rather than against us when we trade.

My original plan was to write up these brain hacks as blog posts. I even started to do so, but it got out of hand quickly. There were a lot of hacks, and choosing a handful to write up was impossible. The techniques I developed and refined with my small army of guinea pig volunteers cover the whole spectrum of trading ‘head stuff’. There are methods for combatting the cognitive biases like illusory correlation, apophenia, and social proof (among many more). There are techniques for hijacking the power of learned behaviours such as gambler’s fallacy and the knowledge gap. And there are the big guns, major methods that tap into the fear engine and turn it from being our biggest problem into a major motor for profit. In short, a series of blog posts could never do justice to the fruits of all this research.

Another solution was called for. And as you’ve probably guessed by now, the answer was to put it all into a new book.

It’s called, simply, Brain Hacks For Traders, and I honestly think it’s the most important book I’ve written.

Before I tell you any more, let me just get one thing out of the way. The book, which will be published on Friday, is going to cost money. It’s going to be priced at $4.99. If you think that’s too expensive for years of research that will help you be a more relaxed and more profitable trader, then feel free to stop reading now.

Still with me? Great. Here’s what you need to know about Brain Hacks For Traders. The book will be out this Friday, 30th October. It will be available as an ebook and, for a few dollars more, as a paperback.

If you’ve ever stayed in a losing trade too long, if you’ve ever hesitated over taking an entry, if you’ve ever walked away from the market in frustration because your stops were being hit, or you didn’t find anything to trade, or for just about any other reason, then you need to read this book.

If you are not making the kind of profit you think you should, or that you know your strategy should be capable of, then you need to read this book.

If you’ve ever over-traded, if you’ve ever taken trades that you’ve looked back on and wondered what you were thinking, then you need to read this book.

Brain Hacks For Traders delves deep into why we think and behave the way we do when faced with trading decisions. It explains in detail the cognitive biases that are so deeply embedded in your brain you probably don’t even know they’re there. It exposes the behavioural patterns that are holding you back from your true potential. And more importantly, it shows you deceptively simple and powerful hacks that will let you subvert all of these behaviours and biases and use them to make you a better, more profitable trader.

Naturally, like my earlier works, Brain Hacks For Traders is written in plain English, steering clear of jargon and meaningless buzzwords. It’s an easy — and I hope — fun read. The techniques you’ll learn are things you can start implementing right away.

If you’re impatient, you can pre-order the electronic edition of the book right now at Amazon, Apple iBookstore, and the Google Play store. To see a video introducing the book, take a look here.

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