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One Morning’s Trades

I kind of stopped making videos for a while. After you’ve seen a few trading videos you’ve seen them all. But I still get emails almost every day asking for more, asking how the markets are, asking if the strategy ‘still works’.

Of course, the ‘strategy’ is based on reading price action through the charts and the tape. It’s based on understanding what the price is telling you about where it wants to go next. Understand price and you can profit in any kind of market – bull or bear, good times or bad.

So anyway, I took a moment to grab some screenshots of the stocks I traded yesterday, and have put them into a video. It’s not a special day, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a regular morning trading high probability trades on stocks that are likely to move on the day. (Apologies for the sound quality, I was a bit rushed and didn’t have time to find a proper microphone).

A Few Simple Trades

I know, it’s been ages since I posted a video. Whenever that happens, like clockwork, I start to get emails asking stuff like “Does your strategy still work?”, “Can you still make money given the recession?”, you get the idea…

The answer is always “Yes”, it still works. It works, because my strategy is not to jump onto some fad or some temporary arbitrage opportunity. No, my strategy is to understand what the price is telling you, to read it, and to trade it. Price is a constant, the one true signal. When you can understand its message, you can make money in any market conditions.

Here’s a video with a few simple trades which I hope will illustrate that even in these difficult economic times, the market continues to offer plenty of profit potential.



Here are two problems I see faced by many traders and would-be traders: not taking action (procrastination) and taking too much action (over trading). This video delves into the causes of both, as well as discussing solutions.
Plus, a few recent trades…

A River of Money

A River of Money

So it’s about that time of year where people start asking me the same questions over and over….“Does your strategy still work?”“Are there any trades to be had in these markets?”… and so on. So here’s a video response, with a few recent trades to show the kind of huge opportunity there is in the market every day.

BTW: I’m trying out a new way of embedding these videos. They’re HTML5 with Flash fallback (so my techie guy says!), which apparently means they should work on iPads as well as regular browsers. I love my iPad, so this is a Good Thing!

Fix Your Trading

Fix Your Trading

Are you consistently profitable? If not, do you know why not? Understanding where you are going wrong is the first step to putting it right.

Fortunately, there are only three things that could be wrong with your trading if you’re not making the kind of profits you want.

In this video, I look at what those three things are, how to find which apply to you, and then how to fix them.

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Time Frames-1

Time Frames

I often talk about day trading almost assuming that everyone else thinks like me – that it’s the safest and most profitable time frame. Of course, there are other time frames to trade in, so in this video I take a look at them, and explain why I usually ignore them!

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Head Stuff

When talking about day trading, it’s very easy to get carried away with details of strategy, technique, and button pressing. But all that stuff is only half the story.

The other half is actually having the discipline to do all the above. It’s what I call “head stuff”, and it’s the subject of this video:

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Video Redux: $Million Traders

This week I wanted to repost a video from 20 months ago. It goes over some key lessons about what makes some people succeed in trading, whilst others just can’t seem to make a profit.

The video discusses the TV Show “Million Dollar Traders”, but don’t worry, you don’t need to have seen the show to appreciate the lessons it so brilliantly exposed. Enjoy!

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Stock Picking

So my latest video answers a question I get asked more than almost any other – “Harvey, will you send me your stock picks?” This short film explains why I think following someone else’s picks is a bad idea.

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