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Harvey Walsh, Slayer of Trees

I’ve been a lover of ebooks for well over ten years. It seemed perfectly natural to me when I released my Day Trading Freedom course back in 2004, to do so as an electronic product. Later, when the course become the book, again it seemed natural to go with electronic editions – particularly as the Kindle had taken off, iPads were everywhere, and everyone seemed to be reading on mobile phones. Ebooks were definitely in.

However, even a die-hard ebook fan like myself must recognise that some folk simply prefer paper. My wife is one, she won’t read from any kind of screen. And so, due to popular demand, How To Day Trade Stocks For Profit is now out in in a dead-tree paperback edition.

It’s available right now from and most international Amazon stores. It’s also wending its way into bricks and mortar bookstores (although between you and me, Amazon is cheaper).

Of course, all the electronic editions continue to be available and can be read on almost any computer, tablet, phone or ereader out there.

A paperback edition of the forex book will be out soon.

One thought on “Harvey Walsh, Slayer of Trees

  1. Bob Jordan

    Hi Harvey,
    I have both your books – both of which i consider to be excellent! I have previous experience in Fx trading, Options and UK stocks (not day trading) and presently have £12K in an Interactive Brokers Account. Although my available time is flexible it is limited and was therefore wondering if you were starting out again which you would trade, FX or USA stocks/shares bearing in mind the Day trading Rules.
    Many Thanks,
    Best Regards Bob.

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