Brain Hacks For Traders

Hijack Your Mind

Cognitive biases, negative emotions, and other destructive trading behaviours take cover! Brain Hacks For Traders is published.

My new book is available worldwide today, from Amazon, Kobo, Apple’s iBookstore, Google’s Play Store and more. The paperback edition is also available right now from Amazon, and is making its way to bookstores everywhere.

To see the introductory video, and for links to bookstores, check out this page

I’ve always said that trading profitably is 20% about knowing what to do, and 80% about having the self control to do it. Entering trades without hesitation is hard when there’s real money on the line. Exiting at a loss is hard when the demons in your head are urging you to hold on. Sticking with it through periods of drawdown is tough. I’ve always found that traditional trading books don’t discuss these issues, not really. They all concentrate on the easy 20% — the strategy.

That’s why I knew I had to write Brain Hacks For Traders. It’s the trading book I always wished I could read.

I really hope you enjoy the new book.

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