One Morning’s Trades

I kind of stopped making videos for a while. After you’ve seen a few trading videos you’ve seen them all. But I still get emails almost every day asking for more, asking how the markets are, asking if the strategy ‘still works’.

Of course, the ‘strategy’ is based on reading price action through the charts and the tape. It’s based on understanding what the price is telling you about where it wants to go next. Understand price and you can profit in any kind of market – bull or bear, good times or bad.

So anyway, I took a moment to grab some screenshots of the stocks I traded yesterday, and have put them into a video. It’s not a special day, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a regular morning trading high probability trades on stocks that are likely to move on the day. (Apologies for the sound quality, I was a bit rushed and didn’t have time to find a proper microphone).

3 thoughts on “One Morning’s Trades

  1. Chris Olson

    Thank you, Mr. Walsh.

    It’s very good to see that you are still trading and using your system.

    Thanks again

  2. gordon

    How do you suggest someone start with an account of less than $25,000 USD in light of Pattern Day Trading requirements?
    I suppose that if you had $15,000 you could open 3 margin accounts and stop trading after 3 trades in each over 5 days, still limiting.
    With say $5,000 or $10,000 total to start seems even more constraining unless you have a better solution.
    Thanks for considering this question.
    I bought your book and found it to be very interesting.

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