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Video Redux: $Million Traders

This week I wanted to repost a video from 20 months ago. It goes over some key lessons about what makes some people succeed in trading, whilst others just can’t seem to make a profit.

The video discusses the TV Show “Million Dollar Traders”, but don’t worry, you don’t need to have seen the show to appreciate the lessons it so brilliantly exposed. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: Million Dollar Traders – Lessons

Two weeks into the TV Show Million Dollar Traders, and there are a couple of great lessons that have been beautifully and practically demonstrated. So important are these lessons, rather than just write about them here I decided to make them the subject of my next video:

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Million Dollar Traders

Here’s a quick heads up for you… If you are in the UK, or have access to BBC 2 TV via some means such as satellite or the rather excellent iPlayer, then you may want to check out a new show tonight – Million Dollar Traders – at 9pm GMT / 4pm EST. According to the BBC website:

“Eight ordinary people are given a million dollars, a fortnight of intensive training and two months to run their own hedge fund. Can they make a killing?”

This is being billed as “The Apprentice, but with stocks and shares”. Find out more here.

It’s nice to see mainstream TV showing what trader really involves, even if it is just cashing in on the current financial situation!